What are the benefits of using the Cafe Rewards app?

The Cafe Rewards app allows you to pay with your phone and earn rewards! You’ll receive $2 off your first purchase and $3 for every $50 you spend. You’ll also earn rewards for referring your friends!

Where can I use the Cafe Rewards app?

For a full list of our locations that accept the app, please head to the ‘Locations’ tab within the app.

How do I download the Cafe Rewards app?

The Cafe Rewards app is available on iPhone and Android devices. To download the app, search ‘Cafe Rewards’ in your respective app store. From there, you will be prompted to create an account, link a credit/debit card, and then will be able to pay via the QR code generated on the ‘Pay’ screen and start earning rewards!

Can I earn visits if I pay with cash or a credit or debit card instead of the Cafe Rewards app?

To earn rewards, you must register and pay with the Cafe Rewards app – we can’t reward you for purchases made with another form of payment. You can link any credit or debit card to the app!

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